As a gamer, you face fatigue, nervousness, eye strain, and many other circumstances that can affect your performance. Probably you have already met with struggling during your game and feeling frustration. Maybe you lost your motivation, or your performance simply stagnates and you would like to improve your gaming tactics and technique. Did you know that the best and most experienced gamers are using various vitamins, supplements and energy drinks to improve their performance?

To be honest, training and winning by using energy drinks filled with sugar, cheap caffeine and artificial flavours and colours is not healthy at all. Today, there are already a number of healthier and more beneficial alternatives on the market. Supplements with natural energy sources are even more cost effective than regular energy drinks.

NUGOSU supplements are specially developed for gamers with mixtures of nootropic and adaptogenic substances that have the ability to improve brain function. Natural nootropics support cognitive functions and at the same time are safe and legal for players. Let’s see what benefits you will get with NUGOSU supplements.


An exhausted gamer has no chance of achieving the best results, therefore, the supplements contain the most consumed natural stimulant in the world – caffeine. Caffeine is a nootropic and allows the brain to function properly. It can suppress fatigue, support mental performance, increase attention and improve mood. In NUGOSU supplements we balance the effect of caffeine with L-Theanine, where caffeine acts as the powerful stimulant, increasing alertness, and L-Theanine levels out the jitters and crash that some people experience from the stimulant and the result is an incredibly smooth, balanced energy and focus increase with no crash. Your active body and mind will serve you in key moments when playing late at night after a busy long day.


The ability to concentrate is one of the main conditions to achieve the desired goal. By choosing the right supplements, you can fully immerse yourself in the game and increase your focus for several decent hours. Concentration, alertness and reflexes are the basic skills of a gamer, lacking them will make it extremely difficult to make the right decisions in a very short time. Thanks to supplements, you will aim your attention to a specific task, thus achieving faster reactions and smoother gaming sessions.

Stress reduction

Highly enthusiastic gaming can create stress that is limiting your game. In stressful situations, the gamer’s mental and physical performance is affected. This leads to a loss of motivation, self-confidence, anxiety and irritability. Nootropics strengthen the brain’s resistance to stress and allow you to think clearly and logically even in chaotic game scenarios. If you stay calm and focused at the same time, you can make better decisions – and that’s exactly what you need during your game.

Brain & Memory

Cognitive functions such as memory, thinking, spatial orientation and attention are the key to victory in most of the games.
Supplements can help stimulate brain activity and thus develop strategic and creative thinking. You will especially appreciate this in complicated puzzle and strategy games. Among other things, proper brain function increases focus and speed of information processing. Remember, the better your decisions, the better your game will be!


Eye support supplements are nothing new in the world of gaming. Due to the increasing popularity and growth of esports they are extremely necessary. Thanks to the combination of several active ingredients, these supplements will help you to see moving objects more clearly, adapt to light changes more quickly and protect your eyes from blue light. Even if we’re talking about a millionth of a second, with these abilities you will excel and gain advantages over other players.

Using supplements with natural sources is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to improve gaming performance. Whether you are looking for victory, fun, or unwinding from everyday life, quality supplements will help you achieve your goals. Improve your skills with NUGOSU and don’t forget to share your experience with your friends and your community.